Club Offerings


    AWMS Clubs




    Newspaper Club will meet on Mondays from 3-3:45 pm in the AW Media Center!


    Newspaper Club is the place for young writers to share their ideas, publish their work, and learn editing skills. It is a fun and fast-paced club that updates the newspaper each week. 


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    AWMS ART CLUB: Mrs. Bartz 

    Oct. 6th - May 25th

    Art Club will meet Thursdays in Room 213 from 3:00-3:45 pm.


    Art Club with Mrs. Bartz is open to any 6th, 7th, or 8th grader who enjoys art making and being creative. Students will create drawings, paintings, sculptures, and crafts throughout the course of the year.  At the end of September, all students who have signed up will receive a Google Classroom invitation with more club information and the dates of all meetings for the year.


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    MUSIC MASTERS: Ms. Russoniello

    Oct. 6th - May 18th

    Music Masters will meet Thursdays in Room 109 from 3:00-3:45 pm


    Music Masters club welcomes all students with an interest in music and other performing arts.  The club can evolve as its members wish, either into a performing ensemble, or a place to share talents, become better musicians and be introduced to many different styles of music and cultures.  We also work on audition techniques and protocols if applicable. 


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    FILM CLUB: Mr. Nussbaum & Ms. Vitulano

    Oct. 6th - June 8th

    The AW Film club will meet weekly on Thursday in Room 119 from 2:50-3:50 pm


    The AW Film Club is advised by Mr. Nussbaum and Ms. Vitulano. We will meet from 2:50-3:50 in room 119 every Thursday. Students in the Film Club will be exposed to different aspects of production, including writing, acting, cinematography, editing, and directing. Students will also have the opportunity to help create a news show and participate in group film projects. The AW Film Club is limited to 25 members, so sign up as soon as possible! 


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    NO PLACE FOR HATE CLUB: Mr. Maher & Mrs. Marcinowski

    Oct. 13

    Schedule will be provided on the first day and will meet on Thursdays from 2:50-3:30 pm. 

    "The No Place for Hate Club is open to all Anthony Wayne students. The goal of the club is to provide a safe space where students can openly discuss & celebrate the diversity that makes up our school community. We will aim to create a safe, welcoming, and accepting school environment for all youth regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity."


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    YEARBOOK: Mrs. Wilson and Ms, McSweeney

    Oct. 6th start

    Yearbook Club will meet AS NEEDED (Advisors will determine and inform students) some Thursdays, from 3:00pm to 3:45pm 


    Do you want to create a yearbook for your friends and classmates? Join the Yearbook Club today! You get to take the photos that will be featured in our yearbook to keep the AW memories last forever! Please join our Google classroom for updates, and our first meeting is Thursday, October 6th from 3-3:45 in room 206.


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    3pm CREW: Ms. Battagliese, Ms. Dever and Mr. White

    Sept. 28th - June 7th

    3pm Crew will meet Wednesdays from 3:00pm to 3:45pm


    Calling all AW Stallions!  Do you want to join a club after school where you can connect with other students? Join us on Wednesdays at 3:00 pm so we can share fun experiences and activities. We'll learn great ways to relieve stress, stay organized, and connect with each other during this unique time.


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    ASC will meet every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:55 pm to 3:45 pm, starting the week of October 10. 


    ASC gives students a quiet and productive environment for students to complete homework.  Students may attend as often as they like based on their current assignments and need for this type of support.  We do need to have the below Google Form/Permission Slip on file for your child to attend.


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    Sign-ups for STARS and The UNIFIED SPORTS clubs are coming soon! 

     Unified Sports Club will begin 11/1/22 and STARS will begin 11/15/22!