Health Services

  • The Department of Student Support Services is responsible for the supervision of all Nursing Staff and the district's Student Assistance Counselors. The office monitors and ensures that all students and staff are provided a healthy environment conducive to social, emotional and physical learning. 

Health Services Information and Files


      Free & Reduced Lunch

      • FREE & REDUCED LUNCH application  for the 2023-2024 school year will open on 9/1/23.

        For those students who already had  this program last year, it will only carry over for 30 days (10/15/23) into the school year, and then you complete the new application.

        Lunch applications must be done yearly for those looking for assistance.  

        If your household members or income status has changed, please make sure you fill out the application.

        Free & Reduced lunch application status may provide other possible benefits/assistance as well.    

        What is provided per the State for Free & Reduced Lunches:

                Breakfast Program            Lunch Program

        Anything else is a charged item.

        USDA Civil Rights Complaint form #148

        FREE 2023 SUMMER MEALS  for Free & Reduced Lunch Families