1:1 Chromebook Initiative


      • Expectations on Use and Care

      • District Chromebook Policies

      • District Acceptable Use Policy and Disciplinary Consequences

      • Cost to Replace Broken Parts

      • Why Not BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)?

      • Content Filter for Internet Browsing

      • WiFi

      • Distribution

      • Insurance

      • Tech Support

      • Chromebook Theft

      • Loaners

      • Parent Information

      District Policies


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      • The district recognizes the devices will experience accidental damage through a student's academic career. The district will be offering families the opportunity to purchase a $30 insurance policy. The insurance will cover the cost of one accidental damage instance to the Chromebook.

        After the first repair, families will have an opportunity to purchase an additional policy for $30. This will cover the cost of one accidental damage instance to the Chromebook. For families that did not purchase the Accidental Insurance, they will be responsible for the full cost of repairs to the device (See the price list below). The Technology Department will oversee and perform all repairs.

        Please note:

        • Insurance does not transfer to new devices. If you are given a new device due to a repair from an issue caused by the student, insurance repurchase is recommended.
        • Insurance does not transfer from school to school. When your student transfers to a new building, insurance repurchase is recommended. The previous purchase does not transfer to the new building.
        • When your student receives a new district issued chromebook in 9th grade, the previous insurance purchase does not transfer to the new device, insurance repurchase is recommended.

      Insurance Payment

      • To register for the 1:1 Chromebook Device Insurance:

        1. Click the rectangle on the left CLICK TO VIEW PAYMENT OPTIONS
        2. Choose the activity - 1:1 Chromebooks/continue (Please make sure to select the correct graduation year for your student)
        3. Confirm your information edit if needed/continue
        4. Verify Email address- edit if needed/continue
        5. Choose the student to be registered/continue
        6. Confirm SCHOOL and GRADE are correctly displayed, edit if needed/continue
        7. Select Accidental Technology Insurance Use Fee - ACCEPTANCE ($30) and follow directions #10 - #12
        8. Click credit card/ continue
        9. Enter credit card information, also confirm address, etc.
        10. Click complete the transaction

        You can click for further directions on using Community Pass.

      Home Access

      • Transitioning to a 1:1 environment allows students anytime / anywhere access to information. Students will be able to use their device anywhere an internet connection is available. The district recognizes that while access to the internet has been growing and increasing popular, not all families have internet access at home. For families that do not have WiFi access to the internet at home due to a financial issue, the district has partnered with vendors that can assist.
        For kindergarten - 12th grade families that do not have WiFi at home and are eligible to receive either Free or Reduced lunch, the district will provide at home WiFi solutions to those who qualify. Please contact your building principal for an application.