Embers Yearbook Club
  • The Wayne Valley Yearbook is created by our yearbook staff in the two publication seminar classes at Wayne Valley High School. These classes are taught by Ms. Condon. Mrs. Foster, our media specialist, also advises the yearbook. We welcome pictures from all students each year.
    If you would like to send us pictures that we can use in the yearbook, follow these directions:
    Here is what to do…

    Email or text your best pictures to efoster@wayneschools.com and kcondon@wayneschools.com. Originals will print much better than pictures from social media, so please try to find the originals.

    Write what is happening in the photo you have sent, and also name the people in the picture.

    See our "Submitting Pictures" tab for more information about the types of pictures we are looking for.

    Follow our Instagram "waynevalleyyearbook" for updated information about what the staff is looking for at the present time.