•   OnCourse Connect  

    The OnCourse Connect parent portal allows parents and students to view grades, attendance, homework, and other information online.

    All parents have access to their child's information through OnCourse Connect. The parent/guardian email used when registering your child will be the email associated with this account.  

    If you are using Internet Explorer to access the internet, please try Chrome or Firefox, as IE has known problems.


    New Users/To log on to OnCourse Connect the first time

    • Click blue "A+" icon on the right-hand side of the district or school webpage. 
    • Click Forgot Password? and enter the email you used for your child's registration.
    • You will receive an email with your username and instructions on changing your password.


    Quick Tips

    To access the OnCourse Connect log on screen

    • Click blue "A+" icon on the right-hand side of the school website. 

    If you forgot your username and/or password
    • Go to OnCourse Connect (http://wayne.oncourseconnect.com) on a desktop/laptop computer and click the "Forgot Password?" link on the Guardian area on the right side of the page.
    • On the next screen, enter the email address you registered with the schools and click "Recover Password."
    • You will be emailed your username with directions to change your password to one of your own choosing.  Look in your spam folder if you can't find it right away.


      From: OnCourse Support <noreply@oncoursesystems.com>
      To: "michaelscott@dundermifflin.com" <michaelscott@dundermifflin.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2018, 12:59:07 PM EDT
      Subject: OnCourse Password Reset
      You can reset your OnCourse Connect guardian account (SCO12345678) password by clicking on this link. https://www.oncourseconnect.com/account/resetpassword?id=ABcdefGH123Ijk456BA8abXGRG2ffPEG2fXYZ127X

    If you clicked "Forgot Password" but didn't receive the email
    Emails are sent out within a couple seconds after clicking "Forgot Password."  There are a couple of reasons you may not receive it:
    • You and your spouse have registered the same email address for your accounts with Wayne Schools.  This means the system can't recognize which guardian has requested the logon information and, for security reasons, doesn't send the email.

      In this case, first contact the school to change one of your accounts to a different, unique email address before using the "Forgot Password" link again.  
    • We've heard from many parents that the AOL and Optonline.net/Optimum email filtering system is rejecting the “Forgot Password” email from reaching your account.  If this is the case, you can try adding noreply@oncoursesystems.com to your personal contact list before clicking the Forgot Password button.  If you still do not receive our email, it may be that you need a setting adjusted and you could follow up with AOL or Optimum regarding the issue that you are experiencing.

      Optionally, you can contact the school’s office (elementary) or guidance office (secondary) to change your email address to that of a non-AOL or Optimum email account.
    If you are using Internet Explorer to access OnCourse Connect
    • Use Chrome or Firefox instead, as IE has known problems.
    If you see the message "Your district is not set up to login via this page"
    • You are on the wrong logon page. Please use Quicklinks to access OnCourse Connect and update your browser's bookmark.
    To view Elementary Performance Indicators
    • You must use the DESKTOP version of OnCourse Connect to view Elementary Performance Indicators. Overall grades are visible in the mobile version but performance indicators are not.
    To view the key explaining the grading letters used on the Elementary Performance Indicators
    • Use the blue Download Report Card button, to see this information: