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    Our mission is to provide safe, efficient, and on-time transportation for the students of Wayne. We plan to accomplish this mission by continuously creating a professional environment and providing training opportunities for all staff. This will ensure a state of the art School Transportation Department for the Township of Wayne and will meet all mandated guidelines set forth by the Department of Education. The Department consists of a total of 100+ employees and oversees the transportation of over 3,700 students daily. The Wayne Transportation Department provides transportation for approximately 2,300 athletic trips as well as 1,100 field trips for Wayne District students yearly. The District's fleet of 82 school buses travels approximately 11,500 miles daily. The Transportation Maintenance Department services the District's school buses, along with all Building Services vehicles and small equipment. The Transportation Maintenance Department has had six (6) consecutive years of DMV inspections with no chargeable re-inspections needed. Safety is our first priority while transporting the “most precious cargo in the world”.

    Please note:  On Delayed Opening days, your child's bus will come 90 minutes (one hour and a half) later than your originally scheduled time.



        • My child has to walk 3-blocks to a bus stop when the bus goes right by my house, can’t the bus stop and pick her up? The guidelines are set and the routes are developed to allow students to be transported in a safe and efficient manner. We can’t stop and pick up your child without doing the same for other district students. If bus drivers were permitted to stop at every house or corner to pick up students, the length of the route would be extended to the point that the entire group would be late for school every day.
        • How far from the school must you live to be eligible for transportation?
          Students who live 2.0 miles or more from their elementary or middle school are eligible for transportation. Students who live 2.5 miles or more from their High school areeligible for transportation.
        • How do I request a bus stop change?
          Requests for bus stop changes should be emailed to the Transportation Department as Absent extraordinary circumstances, stop locations will only be changed if there are traffic hazards at an existing stop. Requests for a bus stop change will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Transportation Department.
        • Are video cameras on the school buses?
          Yes. All buses are equipped with video cameras.
        • Why does my child have to be at the stop 10 minutes prior to the arrival of the bus?
           Traffic and the weather make a difference in the exact arrival time of the vehicle. A student who waits up to the exact moment the bus is scheduled to arrive at the stop could very well miss the bus entirely.
        • Why can't my child have two different bus stops, one in the a.m and a different one in the p.m? According to board policy, students must have the same bus stop the a.m. run and the p.m. run to insure the safety of the students, and for maximum efficiency of the bus routes.
        • Can my child sit in a seat on the bus with their friend? Assigned seats are mandatory on all buses. You can request a seat for your child from the driver. They will try to accommodate your request as much as possible. However, seating next to a particular friend cannot be guaranteed.
        • My child says that he/she is being teased or bullied on the bus. What should I do? Teasing and bullying is not to be tolerated anywhere, including while on the school bus. Your child should be encouraged to report any such incidents immediately to the School Bus Driver.
        • The Bus Driver has received a report that my child has been teased or bullied. What happens next? The Bus Driver fills out a Disciplinary Report, which is forwarded to the School Principal. The School Principal may take any or all of the following steps below. If the report is verified, the School Principal will institute appropriate disciplinary action. 
          • Transportation will interview the driver to verify exactly what was reported
          • View any available video tapes directly from the school bus
          • The principal will interview the students directly involved, as well as any other students as potential witnesses.
        • What if I disagree with the Bus Driver's report of the action taken by the Building Principal? A conference will be arranged with the parents and Principal. The Supervisor of Transportation may also be asked to attend.
        • What if I need additional transportation information? For any other transportation concerns, please call or email the Transportation Department at 973-633-3144 or  

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