Welcome to the 2023-2024 PTO Board!

    Thank you for volunteering to chair your committee. Below is a list of procedures to follow during the year. If you have any questions, please contact our Presidents at packanackpto@gmail.com or, for budget questions Lisa Priestner at lisa.priestner@gmail.com  . 

    1. Gathering Volunteers: Each committee chair is responsible for sending out a communication prior to your event asking for volunteers. All volunteers must be PTO members.

    2. Budget: Most of you have a budget. Your committee may spend only this amount of money as you determine necessary. If more money is needed please speak to the treasurer and/or one of the presidents. Please report how money is being spent at the monthly PTO meetings. Any money remaining in a committee’s budget at the end of the school year will return to the general fund unless you provide, in writing, an amount to be earmarked for a specific reason.

    3. Treasury Forms: Be sure to review all treasury forms in this packet (check requisition form, cash receipt form, tax exempt form and check deposit register – they are also on the Packanack website (under organization, PACKANACK PTO, PTO COMMITTEE CHAIRS, TREASURY FORMS FOR CHAIRPEOPLE). Prior to your event, contact Jessica Stanchak with questions regarding your budget. Remember if cash is processed at your event, have two PTO representatives (one being the Treasurer, if possible) to sign off. The check request form also needs to be signed by one for the PTO Presidents. These forms can be left in the PTO mailbox at the main office and will be signed. Also, since we are a non-profit organization, we are not required to pay tax. “Tax Exempt Forms” have been provided and should be used as needed. Be sure to make a copy for yourself, as some vendors keep the original. Tax exempt can be used for any invoiced items, cash or checks written. Tax exempt form cannot be used with a personal credit card.

    4. Copies: Any notices or communications sent out to the entire school must be approved by a president. Allow a three day turnaround for approval. After you have approval, you can use the school copier in the main office. Please contact Mrs. Hassert in the main office prior to making copies. Please keep a copy of your documents in your files. Remember we are making every attempt to go paperless. Only send a notice home if it is necessary to have a signature, otherwise submit to have posted on our website or distributed through the Membership Toolkit. Please contact one of our presidents to review and have posted on our site and/or Membership Toolkit.

    5. PTO meetings: If you are unable to attend a meeting, please notify Kelly Delaney at keg107@hotmail.com or Lauren Hackett at lalahackett@yahoo.com, to submit a report on your committee. This will be passed along at the meeting. Voting privileges on motions at PTO meetings are for three committee chairs per committee. All members of the PTO are able to vote on the PTO budget.

    6. Event dates: Check your dates on the PTO calendar of the district website. Report any concerns.

    7. End Of your Term: When you have completed your Chair or Officer position, it is your responsibility to find a replacement and train that person. Keep records. We are asking that Committee Chairs please keep a folder/binder for each committee so that the transition for the incoming chair is a smooth one. July 10th is the official turn over date.

    8. PERMITS/Off Premise events: Permits are required for all events held after school hours. A certificate of Insurance from PTO Council is necessary for any event held off school grounds. Please talk to a PTO president Mafalda Halligan, Amy Scaturro and/or Lauren Till before submitting for permit or certificate of insurance.

    9. VENDORS: If our event involves an outside vendor, Please contact a PTO president. Outside vendors including a DJ must sign a hold harmless form and must also provide a certificate of insurance.