School Song

  • "Oh, Ryerson"

    Listen to the school song

    Ryerson, oh Ryerson

    We sing this song to thee

    Fairest school in all the land

    Your halls we long to see

    Where we have learned to read and write

    Add, subtract, divide

    The lessons we have learned so well

    Give us a sense of pride!

    Ryerson, oh Ryerson

    Your praises we proclaim

    Throughout the years we'll not forget

    The splendor of your name

    A melting pot of people

    Of every kind of hue

    Where teachers care and students dare

    To make their dreams come true

    Ryerson, oh Ryerson

    Your praises now we sing

    Thank you for the goodness and

    The wisdom that you bring

    We'll always keep you in our hearts

    Wherever we may roam

    Ryerson, oh Ryerson

    You'll always be our home!