• What are the school hours?

    The school hours are from 8:55 am until 3:20 pm.

    AM Kindergarten hours are 8:55-11:35
    PM Kindergarten hours are 12:45-3:20

    AM Preschool hours are 8:20-10:55 
    PM Preschool hours are 12:10 - 2:45

    May a student be excused from school early?

    YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO MAKE ALL DOCTOR AND DENTAL APPOINTMENTS AFTER SCHOOL HOURS TO ENSURE THAT YOUR CHILD RECEIVES A FULL EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM AND TO AVOID DISRUPTION TO THE OTHER STUDENTS IN THE CLASSROOM. For those times when it is necessary to pick up your child early, a note to the classroom teacher must be provided and should include the reason and time you will be picking up your child. In the event of an emergence, please try to call the office prior to your arrival. Please note that your child must be in school for 4 instructional hours to receive credit for a full day.

    We strongly discourage signing out of students after 2:45 pm. This is too close to the end of the school day and causes significant disruptions to the end of the academic day and end of the day procedures. 

    What if my child arrives to school late?

    When a child arrives to school late, he or she is to report to the nurse's office for a late pass and then proceed to his or her classroom. 

    May my child ride her or his bike to school?

    Students in grades 3 through 5 are allowed to ride their bikes to school. Bicycle helm its must be worn by all children under the age of 14. Please be sure that your child has a bicycle lock and is able to use it independently. Please remind your child to lock his or her bike to the bicycle rack on the school remises. Please note, that the school is not responsible for lost or stolen bicycles. 

    What is the lunch schedule and may I take my child out for lunch?

    You may take your child out for lunch by informing his/her teacher in writing. Your child's teacher will then inform the office. You will need to sign your child in and out at and pick him or her up at the office. 

    The lunch schedule is as follows:


    11:35 - 12:00  

    KWrap Lunch

    12:00 - 12:30 

    KWrap Recess

    11:20 - 11:50

    Grades 2: Lunch
    Grade 3 & 4: Recess

    11:50 - 12:20

    Grades 3 & 4: Recess
    Grade 2: Lunch

    12:25- 12:55

    Grade 1:   Lunch
    Grade  5:  Recess 

    12:55 -1:25

    Grade 5:       Recess
    Grade 1:       Lunch