Registration Documentation

  • Proof of residence
    You MUST upload evidence of personal attachment to your Wayne address including your deed / lease / affidavit and other documentation as outlined below, during the online registration process.

    1. Deed or Lease
    Your Deed or Lease must be one of the THREE required uploaded documentsNote that the first page and full signature page of Deed or Lease must be sent. If a deed or lease is not available, an affidavit may be used.  Please choose the type of affidavit below that best describes the family situation and download the two forms for that affidavit type. Please complete the two forms, have both forms notarized and upload them during the registration process in place of the deed or lease.
    • Affidavit Type 1: Because of family or economic hardship, the student is living separately from his or her parent(s) in a residence in Wayne.  The Wayne resident provides financial support for the student as if for their own child, without reimbursement from the parent(s).
    • Affidavit Type 2: The parent(s) and student live together at a residence in Wayne and they pay rent, but there is no written lease.
    • Affidavit Type 3: The parent(s) and student live together at a residence in Wayne and they do not pay rent.
    2. Additional Documentation (At Least Two (2) additional documents)
    In addition to the deed, lease, or affidavit, registrants should also supply additional documents as evidence of attachment to the address.  Examples are bank statements, utility bills, or other documents showing the individual's name and the address. (List of Acceptable Documents)

    Child's Identification & Parent/Guardian Identification
    Please upload your child's original birth certificate or another official identifying document such as a passport that includes your child's date of birth.  You will also need to upload your personal identification. 

    Immunization / Health Records
    After your building Secretary has finalized your student's online registration, you will be asked to print out and/or prepare the 4 (5, if applicable) MANDATORY medical documents listed below for submission to the building Nurse. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT MEDICAL HEALTH SERVICES FORMS UNTIL ASKED TO DO SO.

    The School Nurse will contact you to finalize and approve your submissions.  ALL medical documentation must be received by the School Nurse prior to your child’s attendance at school. 
    Please note: If the below forms are not received and approved your child will NOT be permitted to attend school

    *If your child is ineligible to receive a new physical exam due to insurance restrictions, a physical exam performed within 365 days of registering will be accepted (please have the doctor complete the  WTPS PE Form below). You will also need to provide a copy of an appointment slip for the next scheduled physical exam if the exam will be older than 365 days at the time of school  entry in September. See the Health Services page for more information on Health Services requirements.