Media Center Rules


    1. All students will be respectful and courteous to each other, to teachers and Media Center staff.  

    2. Personal Electronic Devices are welcome in the Media Center, but must be used in such a way as to avoid disturbing others.  Students who are loud, discourteous or in other ways disruptive of the study environment, will be asked to hand in their device or leave the Media Center.  Please note that personal devices will no longer be able to connect to the district network.  Using a personal device will require usage of your own minutes.

    3. All borrowed materials – books, EBooks, E-readers, audiobooks, newspapers, periodicals, etc. - are to be treated responsibly.  Students will be held financially responsible for the replacement cost of lost or damaged materials.  Any student who has overdue materials will not be allowed to borrow anything else until the overdue materials are returned or renewed.  In order to borrow E-readers, students and their parents/guardians must first sign a contract.

    4. Computer software, hardware and Internet access are provided for educational purposes. These resources are not to be used for personal matters unrelated to school. The following are unacceptable uses and could result in a suspension of Media Center privileges:  accessing inappropriate material; using school software or hardware to harass or threaten others or to transmit hate mail or discriminatory remarks; altering, mishandling or disabling school software or hardware; making unauthorized downloading or installations of software; visiting gaming sites or other entertainment sites.  

    5. No food or drink are allowed in the Media Center.

    6. All general building-wide school policies are in force in the Media Center.  

    Students are expected to be familiar with these and all school policies.  Ignorance is no excuse.   

    If a student is found to be in violation of any of these rules, access to the Media Center may be suspended and the student may be subject to other disciplinary measures.