Wayne Hills High School Administration and School Offices

      Wayne Hills Principal


        From the Desk of Mr. Michael Rewick


        Dear Patriot Families,

        School officially begins on Wednesday September 4th!  Finish your Summer reading, finish relaxing, and get prepared for another great year here at Wayne Hills High School.  Every September brings change but change that is both necessary and exciting.  Students have a year of learning ahead that will challenge them like never before.  When they hit rough patches, our staff of teachers, administrators, nurses, guidance counselors, and support staff will be there to help.  Please have your children reach out to an adult in the building.  There is at least one adult who has experienced what they may be going through.  Let's work as a team to support our children and help them find personal success through personal growth.

        With Respect,

        Mr. Rewick
        Wayne Hills HS

      Assistant Principals

      • Ms. Nicole Gibbs- Special Services

      • Mr. Dave Drozjock- Athletics and Activities

      • Mr. Ben Glaz - Grade 9 Assistant Principal

      • Mr. Jacob Cavins - Grade 12 Assistant Principal

      • Ms. Kristy Stofey - Grade 11 Assistant Principal

      • Ms. Christina Ventimiglia - Grade 10 Assistant Principal

      School Offices

      Student Resource Officer

      • Detective Eugene Foster
        Wayne Police Department
        (973) 317-2051

        The SRO Program began in the late 1950's in Flint, Michigan. Officers set a goal to improve their relationship with the youth in their community. Officers were assigned to the school district full time to serve as counselors and teachers. The first task of the police officers was to determine their acceptance in the schools based on the students' attitudes toward law enforcement. The first year of this program was deemed a great success and was well received by School Board officials, principals, teachers, parents and most importantly the students themselves. The Flint Michigan School Resource Officer Program was nationally recognized in 1973, and has since become the model program across North America.

        Goals of the Wayne Township SRO Program

        • Improve police and youth relations.
        • Increase positive attitudes towards law enforcement
        • Provide for a safe and secure learning environment.
        • Reduce juvenile crime through counseling.

        The SRO will assume three primary functions or roles in the school community:

        1. As an Instructor - The SRO will provide a variety of educational opportunities to the school community through law related presentations for students, faculty, and parents.
        2. As A Resource Provider - The SRO can provide informal counseling to students and parents. This counseling can range from mediation of student problems to guiding students and parents to the appropriate agency.
        3. As A Police Officer - The SRO will be a positive law enforcement presence in the school community and act as a role model for students. Uniformed Officers also present a deterrent to violence, drug use, vandalism, and theft. Their presence will provide an immediate increase in safety and security for both students and staff.

          If you have any questions about the program, please stop by and visit your School Resource Officer at Wayne Hills.