New Student Registration

  • >>New Kindergarten & 1st Grade students, click here for pertinent Kindergarten and 1st Grade Registration Information.

    >>Current Preschool students, if your child is currently enrolled in the Wayne PreSchool Program and will be attending Kindergarten in 2020-2021, you do NOT need to re-register. If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact BEFORE beginning this registration process.

    >>New Preschool students, please STOP and proceed to the Preschool Program Page for registration instructions. You MUST first obtain Confirmation of Placement by the Preschool Registrar for entry into the Wayne Preschool program before you register your child.

    >>New Grades 2 through 12, please read through and follow directions below.

    Registration Process: 

    To register a child for enrollment in the Wayne Township Public School District, please follow all the steps in the below process.

    According to the Wayne Board of Education Residency Policy, all students must show proof of residency by presenting the appropriate forms. (See the list of District Acceptable Residency Documents.) You will need to submit pdf or scanned copies of the required documents via email to your school.
    *Due to School Shut downs during COVID-19, we will not be holding In-Person appointments.*

    The below information is needed to complete the online portion:

    • Name of Resident School.
      (Click the InfoFinder to find your school.)
    • Child's Doctor Information
    • Child's Insurance Information
    • Child's Medical History
    • Parent/Guardian and Emergency Contacts Information - Three Emergency Contacts with at least one phone number listed are REQUIRED for every student in the district. *Note that each parent/guardian/emergency account MUST also have a distinct email address (an email address cannot be used for multiple contacts).

    Once you have gathered the above information, visit the OnCourse Connect Portal. Choose the correct school year, depending on when your child will start. An incorrect school year will be discarded and you will need to begin the online registration process again. *Note that this online portion of the process must be done on a computer, not a phone or tablet.

    Print and complete the following health forms prior to sending your documents to the school (Step 5).

    Print and complete the following mandatory form prior to sending your document to the school (Step 5).

    Upon completion of steps 1 - 4, you will need to send copies via email to the school building.
    *During the School Shut Down during COVID-19, we will not be holding any In-Person Appointments.*

    Please submit pdf or scanned copies of all the REQUIRED documents listed below via email directly to your school. Click here for school building information.

    • Parent/Guardian Identification:  A passport or driver's license. 
    • Proof of Residency - 3 documents needed: Registration List of Acceptable DocumentsYour Deed or Lease must be one of these documents as well as Affidavits if applicable.
    • Child's Identification: A birth certificate or passport.
    • Child's completed: Physical Examination Form
    • Child's completed: Child's Immunization Record from Doctor (MUST BE signed and dated by Doctor!)
    • Child's completed: Language Survey
    • Child's current IEP: If applicable

    Please note: Registration will not be completed until the student's online registration has been submitted, all proper documents have been received and approved, and you have received an email or phone call from the school office notifying you of registration finalization. Please allow 2 - 3 business days for a finalization confirmation email. 


  • Please contact your school with any questions.