Updating Parent/Guardian/Student Contact Information

  • Please use this process to update Student/Parent/Guardian/Emergency Contact Information.

    These changes MUST go through the school office:
    *All Student and Primary Guardian Address Changes 
    *Changes in Parent/Guardian Access
    *Dismissal Information

    Note: If your phone number is on the Do Not Call List or you have blocked Wayne Township Public Schools from your emails, you will not receive communications from the District. (Click here for more information.)

    To change information for your student, Primary Guardians or Emergency Contacts, please log into OnCourse Connect and select the View/Edit Student and Guardian Info link. Make changes as needed. Changes can also be made anytime throughout the school year.

    Scroll all the way down and you will see a button to Add Guardian InformationAdd New Guardian Contact This is also where you would add Emergency Contact Information.


    1) Primary Guardian or Emergency Contact changes will NOT APPEAR IMMEDIATELY. Please check back to confirm changes have been updated. 

    2) Each contact must have their own individual email address. 

    3) Once you have submitted your Student/Parent/Guardian/Emergency Contact Information, if you can log back into OnCourse and see your child's Dashboard (below), your process is complete and your child will be able to access their schedule. **Updates to your contact information may still be In Process, but the schedule will be available.**

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