PTO stands for "Parent Teacher Organization". The JFK PTO is a nonprofit group comprised of parents, teachers, and staff dedicated to make JFK a great place for our kids to thrive! The PTO works to encourage interaction between family and school, serve as a source of support, and work with teachers, staff, and the community at large to improve our children’s educational and social experience.

    Each year the PTO strives to raise at least enough funds to meet some of the items on the wish list of the school administration. While fundraising is not our primary goal, it is an important aspect of the PTO. One hundred percent of the money raised through PTO goes directly back to benefit the JFK population.

    The PTO’s role has become even more critical as we raise funds to supplement the cost of the schools’ needs. The PTO works very closely with the school administration in all its projects.

    So don't wait any longer! Come join us! And have some fun.


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