Recognition for Credits Beyond Bachelors Degree

  • Bachelors’ + 15:  Please fill out the form (which can be accessed in the forms section on this site)

    Masters’ Degree:  Please send a note requesting recognition, along with your official transcript showing the Masters’ Degree.

    *The above information should be sent to Human Resources Department.  This information must be received prior to October 15th in order to be moved on guide.

    Beyond Masters’:  You must be pre-approved by the Counsel for Advanced Study please contact/send in your information to Ann Cassera, in the Superintendent’s office @ (973) 317-2170 (refer to the  Beyond Masters’ form & instructions (.pdf)

    Tuition Reimbursement  –  check your office or contact personnel and they will send you the form.  Send completed form back to personnel with proof of payment and official transcript.