• The class parent responsibilities are:

    • Coordinate with teacher to provide VIRTUAL activities at class parties. (Halloween, Holiday, End of the Year, etc). Be creative :) 
    • Attend monthly PTO meetings OR find a designee from your class to attend. Mandatory
    • Complete free, short, online test on Allergy Signs/Symptoms Awareness and Safety.
    • Must be a PTO member by paying $7 membership dues.


    While this information may seem overwhelming, it can be divided among 2 or 3 class parents.  We suggest that you be as creative as possible in order to give the children an opportunity to celebrate holidays and birthdays with their classmates. Your child’s teacher can let you know what additional support is needed.  Money will NOT be collected this year due to COVID-19.

    Our goal is to give the students at Packanack some exciting (virtual) events no matter what grade they are in.  If a class parent cannot be found for your class, the class may miss out on some of the experiences offered at our school.

    For more information about becoming a class parent OR to volunteer please contact Brittany Arthur at barthur0627@yahoo.com or Tammy Maher at S31s31@hotmail.com.