Health and Safety Update Guidance

Face Coverings

  • masks

    Governor Murphy has signed Executive Order (EO) 251 that mandates masking in the indoor premises of all public, private, and parochial preschool, elementary, and secondary school buildings, with limited exceptions.

Protocols for Students and Staff Returning from Travel

  • Domestic Travel: 
    Even though there is no statewide travel advisory or mandate in place at this time, it is recommended that individuals follow the CDC and NJDOH quarantine guidelines for unvaccinated individuals.
    (updated guidance as of 10/15/21)





    International Travel: 
    Fully vaccinated individuals who have traveled internationally must test 3-5 days upon returning and are required to obtain their result before returning to work/school. No quarantine is required if travel is within 3 months of a positive test date as long as the individual remains asymptomatic.

    Unvaccinated individuals who have traveled internationally must get tested 3 - 5 days after return from travel and quarantine for a full 7 days (return to work/school on day 8). If not tested, indidviduals must quarantine for 10 days from the date of return from travel.
    (updated guidance as of 10/25/21)

Protocols and Information

  • Field Trips, Extra-Curricular Activities & Use of Facilities Outside of School Hours
    To protect the safety and health of staff members and students, athletic programs in Wayne will continue under NJSIAA guidance and clubs and other extra-curricular programs will continue to be offered on CDC, NJDOH and WDOH guidance and recommendations.

Vaccination Form Status

  • vaccination status
    Upload testing or final card into your Qualtrics link (from your email)

    STUDENTS click here to upload your CDC COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination (ages 12+)

    For your convenience, you may use the Docket app to get your COVID-19 immunization records - click here for more information