• Attention seniors! The 2023 yearbook is now underway and we need your pictures. We are asking for ALL SENIORS to send their favorite selfie (only one person pictured please) to wvembers@gmail.com. Please title the email with your name and the word "selfie."
    Yearbook is also looking for a variety of other pictures. Please send pictures from any of the following categories to our email address, labeled with your name and the category:
    College Visits
    Driving and Cars (please have students in the pictures with the cars)
    Then and Now (send old pictures with childhood friends, and new pictures that you recreate in present day)
    Remote Learning
    First Day of School
    Pets (please have the student in the picture with the pet)
    Any sports
    Any clubs
    Any group pictures with friends

    Thank you for supporting the Wayne Valley yearbook!