Printing In District

  • With your WTPS ID card, staff can submit a page to print from their computer and release the document from any copier in the District.

    The Technology Department is currently updating our printing procedures.

    Until further notification, please use the Follow Me Print direction below.

Follow Me Print

  • Directions:

    Set up is a two part process: installation and registration (login/print). Afterwards, you will only need your ID card to print. Your print job will be held securely until you swipe your WTPS ID card at ANY copier in the district.


    • Please follow the Follow Me Print Installation directions (revised 06-10-2021) (Staff > Staff Resources & Forms > Technology Resources> Follow Me Print - Installation)
    • After the printer is set up on your computer, your default print option will be: SecurePrint on ubsquesvr

    Registration (Login/Print):

    • After your printer is set up on your computer, register your ID card to the printer by logging on to any printer with your network username and password. Afterwards, you will only need to swipe your ID card to print.
    • For further directions for the login and release of your Secure Print job, please review the Follow Me Print -Login/Print directions. (Staff > Staff Resources & Forms > Technology Resources > Follow Me Print - Login/Print)