• Voters deny referendum 

    Voters did not approve Wayne Township Public School’s proposal to fund facility and security improvements. 

    The unofficial tally as of Tuesday night (3/12/24) included 3,018 votes in favor and 5,076 opposed. The totals will change over the next few days as Passaic County officials count mail-in ballots that were postmarked by March 12 and verify provisional ballots.

    District administration and the Board of Education will carefully consider feedback from the community and the outcome of the referendum as we determine how to best proceed with addressing our facility needs. We appreciate the time our community members took to learn about the proposed projects and vote.

  • Vote March 12 WTPS Bond Referendum

    Wayne Township Public Schools is recognized for maintaining a high level of education and providing students with an abundance of opportunities to succeed. However, our newest schools are nearly 60 years old. All our schools need significant repairs and upgrades. Additionally, to support the growing population within the community, the 100-year-old Preakness Early Childhood Center could expand to serve PreK-5 students.

  • Why aren’t large-scale maintenance needs planned for already in the regular budget?

  • Why not build space at several elementary schools?

  • What projects focus on athletics, and which on Physical Education?

  • How is roofing replaced in stages?

  • Can a second referendum be held again quickly?

  • How does the state get the funding to help school districts pay for school improvements?


    Referendum is another word for vote. A bond referendum is a vote in which citizens will decide if WTPS can finance the proposed projects through the sale of bonds worth $169.8 million.

    • If voters approve, the district would be allowed to sell bonds that are then paid back through property taxes over time.

    • School districts often use this approach to borrow money, spread out construction costs and capture state aid that is only available through a passing vote. For WTPS, this state aid would total about $39 million.


    Wayne Township is known for its diverse schools where reasonable class sizes, an emphasis on technology, and consistently high state rankings make it a desirable place to live. Its suburban setting with convenient proximity to New York City makes Wayne Township attractive to property developers and new homeowners. However:

    • Our school buildings need continual repairs to protect the community’s investment in them, and improving energy efficiency now would leave more financial resources available to focus on education in future years.
    • Security needs have evolved since most of the schools were originally built or last renovated.
    • Rising enrollment has created the need for expanded pre-kindergarten services to give our youngest students a strong education foundation.
    • Like other districts, we face an increased need for space designed for small-group instruction.
    • We are paying off the costs of a previous referendum, making this an ideal time to re-invest.


    Professional advisers evaluated all school buildings to determine what repairs and upgrades were high priorities for WTPS. To best position our schools for the future, the bond referendum addresses:

    • Roof repairs/replacements at almost every school and window replacements at many schools. These affect the “building envelope” that protects everything inside and contributes to energy efficiency.
    • Upgrades and replacements of building systems including plumbing, mechanical, electrical and heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC). In addition to reducing repair risks and increasing cost efficiency, these systems play a significant role in health and safety.
    • Two-stage security entrances (vestibules) at schools that do not have them now.
    • New exterior bleachers at both high schools.
    • Significant added space at the Preakness Early Childhood Center to accommodate rising enrollment. It would transform into a PreK-5 school with three classrooms at each grade level and dedicated classrooms for early childhood special education programs.
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    Click to watch.The district hosted a Community Forum on February 15 to help inform Wayne Township about the upcoming March 12 vote. Watch the recording to hear the panel of experts explain the funding strategy which includes $39 million of state aid only available through a voter approved bond referendum.

    Residents can send questions about the referendum any time to future@wayneschools.com


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