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      George Washington MS Principal

      • Veterans Day presentation at GWMS.

        Mr. Jack E. Leonard

        Welcome to the George Washington Middle School, where students are part of a true learning community.  Our school is designed to provide students with a gradual transition from the elementary setting to the high school program.  The school’s environment is structured to develop academic skills, artistic exploration, life skills, and social maturity. At George Washington Middle School, we recognize the necessity to balance a rigorous academic program with an environment that is developmentally appropriate. At a time when students are maturing more rapidly than any other in their lives, we have in place a strong support system that fosters academic, social, and personal growth.  We also establish practices that define academic expectations, improve the quality of student work, as well as provide the opportunity for our students to learn in a variety of authentic environments. 

        George Washington Middle School students are offered many exciting opportunities through our academic and extracurricular programs. Along with math, science, language arts, social studies, and world language, our students are challenged in their special-area subjects as well. These subjects include art, band, chorus, physical education, computer applications, and technology education. In addition, our students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs and activities after school to enrich their middle school experience.  

        We are very fortunate to have a dedicated and professional faculty that works extraordinarily hard to create an outstanding learning community.  The teachers’ commitment to our students has made our school such a special place, and it is an environment that prepares our students for the challenges they will face in the future.

        As in any partnership, the parents, teachers, and administration work closely to provide our students with the most rewarding educational experience possible. I look forward to working with you and wish our students a great school year.


        Jack E. Leonard


      George Washington MS Assistant Principal

      • Kevin Smilon

        George Washington Middle School offers many opportunities for your children to get involved and grow.  It is also a rewarding and sometimes difficult time for some as they try to build their identity and individuality.  As part of the administration, I look forward to working with your child and assisting in any way possible.  Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.  

        Kevin Smilon

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