Schuyler Colfax Middle School General Information

      Mission Statement

      • The Schuyler-Colfax Middle School Mission Statement is the heart of our curriculum and our programs. Our mission is to help early adolescents prepare for a lifetime of learning in a changing world by developing each student's creative, intellectual, and physical potential, as well as a sense of responsibility, self-worth, and respect for others.

        The students participate in a rigorous academic program based firmly in the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and delivered with teaching strategies that address varied learning styles. Critical thinking skills development is paramount. Science classes emphasize hands-on activities. Interdisciplinary studies regularly take place in grades six and seven. Because these grades are organized into teams, the teachers work collaboratively to develop thematic units that offer students the opportunities to make intellectual connections across the curriculum.

        The foundation for future, more advanced studies is firmly established in an array of grade eight courses designed to challenge the students' ever-increasing intellectual maturity. World Language, Algebra, Language Arts, Social Studies, Earth Science, and high school Biology are some of the available offerings.  Writing takes place across the curriculum. Academic excellence is very apparent in the Schuyler-Colfax Middle School classroom! Our classrooms are equipped with the latest technology to provide the students with the tools of the twenty-first century. Two internet-connected computer laboratories and Media Center, internet-equipped laptops that interface with the school's wireless network, classroom computers, "Interactive White Boards", science laboratory computers with probe capabilities, and on-line textbooks all serve to enhance the students' skills with respect to technology and enhance the curriculum. For every student at Schuyler-Colfax, opportunities abound for enrichment.

        Elective cycle courses are available in the Spanish Cycle, Visual Arts, Computer Applications and Technology - Woods and Inventions & Innovations I & II. Health and Physical Education courses provide practical knowledge leading to a lifetime of fitness.  Co-curricular activities enable all students to pursue their special interests. Several examples of current student clubs are the school newspaper - Panther Press, School Yearbook, Student Council, All School Production, Computer Club, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Chorus, Select Choir, Volunteers in Public Education (VIPS) and Service Club.

        Our students are taught the importance of good character, community volunteerism, and treating others as they would like to be treated. Cooperative Discipline is a nationally known program that is woven into the daily fabric of Schuyler-Colfax life. Our students learn to see their role as valuable, responsible members of society.

        Schuyler-Colfax Middle School has been nationally recognized for its academic and co-curricular programs, positive parent involvement, and teaching excellence. In 2000, Schuyler-Colfax was awarded the National Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence from the United States Department of Education. Additionally, the elective course Inventions and Innovations earned a Best Practices Award for Technology Education from the New Jersey Department of Education in 2000.

      Attendance Reporting

      • Student Attendance Reporting

        Absences from school should be held to a minimum in the best educational interest of the student. The only reasons permitted for an excused absence are religious holidays, illness of the student, court appearance, or a death in the immediate family. All absences from school need to be reported.  To report absences please follow the directions below.

          1. Call the school at 973-633-3130 prior to 8:00am to let us know your child will be absent.
          2. At the prompt, Press (4).
          3. Please leave your child’s name, (including the spelling of his/her last name),grade, and reason for their absence


            • For medically excused absences, please secure a physician's note while at the doctor's office. Provide this note to the nurse upon returning to school so that the absence can be recorded as excused.
            • There may be times when parents choose to keep children out of school for other reasons, such as for traveling and family vacation trips. We, of course, discourage this practice, asking that you plan your vacation during scheduled school vacations.
            • In cases of all pupil absences, students are held responsible for assignments. Teachers are expected to provide pupils with missed assignments and a suitable amount of time is provided for that purpose upon the student’s return.


      Student Handbook

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      • Where is Schuyler Colfax located?

      • How many hours does my child need to be present in school to receive credit for the day?

      • What do I do when I want to visit the school?

      • How do I drop off something for my child?

      • What are the drop off and pick-up procedures?

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      • PE Shirts and locks

      • Spirit Days/Week - Grade Level Colors

      • How are report cards distributed?

      • What do I do when my child needs to leave school early?

      • Are laptops, cell phones or cameras players permitted in school?

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      • What is the procedure for the make-up of school work due to absences?

      • Extended Absence

      • May my child wear jewelry during Physical Education classes?