The Anthony Wayne Middle School Guidance Office is here to assist students in achieving success in school. Guidance counselors provide information concerning educational opportunities, and advise students regarding the best use of their abilities, interests and aptitudes. The guidance counselors are part of the educational team of our school and work closely with teachers, administrators, child study team and other school  personnel to help all students reach their academic and personal potential.

    Each Anthony Wayne student is assigned to a counselor by grade level. Students are encouraged to visit their counselor if they are having any problems - academic, social or personal. Our guidance counselors welcome the opportunity to speak with parents about their children. To make an appointment with a counselor, parents are invited to call the Guidance Office at 973-389-2120 ext. 3050.


  • To Report an Absence, please call 973-389-2120 ext. 3050 or email Mrs. Albanese at


    Please DO NOT email your child's counselor regarding an absence


    2021-2022 Counselors/Grade Levels


    Grade 6 Guidance Counselor, Ms. Michele Giarrusso

    973-389-2120 ext. 3053


    Grade 7 Guidance Counselor, Mr. Dan Fanuele

    973-389-2120 ext. 3052


    Grade 8 Guidance Counselor, Mr. Jeff Robjohns

    973-389-2120 ext. 3051




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