AW Clubs

  • Check each club's permission slip for start and end dates.  Clubs meet on various days and are extended throughout the school year.

    Permission Slips can be found by clicking the club name and also can be found in our Main Office.


2019-2020 Club Offerings

  • New PTO-Sponsored Clubs for 2020

    Twelve sessions of the following clubs will begin the week of February 3rd.

    Click on each permission slip to see specific meeting dates and times.


    Painting Club w/ Mrs. Bartz

    Every week in Painting Club, students will be painting a variety of subjects. The goal for each meeting is to create a painting from start to finish while learning new painting techniques and color mixing. Over the course of the club, students will be able to explore their creativity while getting a better appreciation of the art form.  Access the permission slip by clicking here.

    Origami Club w/Ms. Duong

    Origami Club is a space for students to explore their creativity through paper folding. Along with spending time with new and old friends, it is a great way to practice mindfulness afterschool. Each week, club members will be able to progress through beginner crafts to advanced paper folding. Students will have the opportunity to work on personal origami projects or activities provided by Ms. Duong. We will also be working on a BIG origami project as an entire club. Open to ALL GRADES! Access the permission slip by clicking here.

    American Sign Language Club w/Ms. McSweeney 

    American Sign Language is a language that is spoken only with your hands and facial expressions. This language is not only for those who are deaf, but for those who wish to be able to communicate with anyone with varying hearing abilities! ASL comes naturally to many people who begin learning, and this club is a great way to start! We will begin learning simpler signs and phrases, then building up to holding conversations with one another without using our words. All grades are welcome! Access the permission slip by clicking here.

    Rock Band Club w/ Mr. Maher

    Do you love the sound of heavily distorted guitars and energetic drum beats? Are you always singing along to your favorite rock songs at home? Would you like the opportunity to jam out with your peers (and Mr. Maher) and learn how to play some of your favorite songs in a band setting? Well then rock band club just might be the place for you! Rock Band Club is intended for students who already have *some* experience playing a musical instrument (guitar, bass, or drums) who would like to improve. We will be practicing together as a band in order to learn and perform a selection of popular punk/rock/metal songs from various decades. We will also discuss some rock history, cover important musical concepts, and gain a greater understanding of the role each instrument plays in constructing a great song. Access the permission slip by clicking here.

    Chess Club w/ Mr. Grant

    The Anthony Wayne Chess club provides an opportunity for any student who wishes to learn the fundamentals of Chess. Chess is considered one of the greatest board games ever created and children who learn how to play can increase their I.Q. Students joining this club will have the opportunity to play live opponents and learn various strategies on how to become a better player. Access the permission slip by clicking here.

    Intramural Sports w/Mr. Paladino and Mr. Petersen

    Join us on Thursdays for the Intramural Sports Club!  We will be playing basketball, soccer, football, and volleyball for 3 days each for a total of 12 sessions! Access the permission slip by clicking here.




    The following YEAR LONG Clubs will be offered during the 2019-2020 School Year:

    * Click the underlined links for access to each club's permission slip *

    Robotics with Mr. Heinbockel

    Music Masters with Ms. Russoniello

    Film Club with Mr. Nussbaum

    Academic Support Club with various Teachers

    (For homework completion and/or extra help)

    STEAM Expo with Mrs. Marra-Gaspar

    Newspapr Club with Mr. McMahon

    Yearbook/ Photography Club with Mrs. Wilson and Ms. McSweeney


    S.T.A.R.S. (Students Teaching and Reaching Students)

    with Ms. Ferrante and Ms. Pearsall


    Permission Slips are available in the main office and on our website.