• AW Clubs

    Check each club's permission slip for start and end dates.  Clubs meet on various days and are extended throughout the school year.


  • Chess Club

    The Anthony Wayne Chess club provides an opportunity for any student who wishes to learn the fundamentals of Chess. Chess is considered one of the greatest board games ever created and

    children who learn how to play can increase their I.Q. Students joining this club will have the opportunity to play live opponents and learn various strategies on how to become a better player. Access the permission slip by clicking here.


    Mindfulness Club

    Mindfulness is a practice of staying present in the moment and focusing on one thing at a time. The class, held after school with Mrs. Zaolino and Mrs. Oesterle, will help the students to stay in the present. They will learn to  practice their gratitude with forming good intentions for the day and focusing on the positive side of life. We will be practicing mindfulness by leading the students in a guided meditation and practicing some breathing techniques. We will also be having a gentle yoga practice to help connect our body, minds and spirit.  Access the permission slip by clicking here.


    Rock Band Club

    Do you love the sound of heavily distorted guitars and energetic drum beats? Are you always singing along to your favorite rock songs at home? Would you like the opportunity to jam out with your peers (and Mr. Maher) and learn how to play some of your favorite songs in a band setting? Well then rock band club just might be the place for you! Rock Band Club is intended for students who already have *some* experience playing a musical instrument (guitar, bass, or drums) who would like to improve. We will be practicing together as a band in order to learn and perform a selection of popular punk/rock/metal songs from various decades. We will also discuss some rock history, cover important musical concepts, and gain a greater understanding of the role each instrument plays in constructing a great song. Access the permission slip by clicking here.


    Spirit Boosters

    The Anthony Wayne Middle School “Spirit Boosters” Club invites all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students to spread goodwill.  Students will participate in activities designed to bring cheer to others in difficult situations.  The club will also focus on things we can do for each other and ourselves to brighten our days.  So, join us in spreading happiness, and enjoy the “boost in spirit” you will feel as a result. Please wear sneakers and comfortable clothing!  Access the permission slip by clicking here.



    Release your inner rock star with Pound® by getting your heart pumping to the music with cardio drumming, yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Then we cool it all down with light yoga. Please wear sneakers and comfortable clothing!  Access the permission slip by clicking here.


    Board Game Club

    SCRABBLE-ing for some hands-on fun after school and tired of the MONOPOLY that cell phones and video games have on fun? This club will provide a chance for students to play board games and work to construct jigsaw puzzles. Overcome challenges and discover the value of interacting with your classmates in a positive way! We’ll supply a variety of board games and puzzles for you to choose from. And yes, for our returning members...MUNCHKIN is back with new expansion packs! Access the permission slip by clicking here.


    Art School Club

    If you like working with clay and fabric, drawing and painting then Ms. Herman’s club is for you! We will be working on a variety of art projects 12 sessions starting Wednesday January 9th through April 5. (If there are holidays or snow days we will adjust schedule as needed. ) Class size is limited so sign up soon! Access the permission slip by clicking here.

    Sewing/Crochet/ Craft Club

    All 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students are invited to participate in a once a week, after school Sewing/Crochet/Craft Club.  Students will learn the basics of sewing by hand, threading and sewing on a sewing machine, how to crochet, along with other crafts. The club will meet on Tuesdays, starting January 8th from 2:50 to 3:50 in the afternoon.  So, don’t miss out! This is your opportunity to learn how to sew on a button, machine sew a fun project, or crochet a scarf! Fill out a permission slip that is posted online, or pick up a permission slip in the office or in Room 120.  Please return the permission slip to Señora Korch in Room 120 as soon as possible. See you soon! Access the permission slip by clicking here.


    Creative Writing Club

    The creative writing club with Mr. Nussbaum is open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who want to explore creative ways to express themselves. Club members will create and discuss fictional writing, poetry, and even screenwriting. Students will have the opportunity to challenge themselves with creative writing prompts and activities. Access the permission slip by clicking here.

Permission Slips