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    The Wayne Hills High School Music department seeks to help students develop the intellectual, emotional, organizational and procedural skills that will help them succeed throughout their lives.   The students work to sharpen these skills by participating in a variety of performance based ensembles and theoretical analysis.  The Music Department offers daily opportunities for students to develop their talents by playing, critiquing, and discussing music of historical and cultural significance. We believe that students deserve every opportunity to develop their cognitive, affective and psychomotor faculties.

      The Wayne Hills Fine Arts Program consists of 4 levels of various art classes.  Through the different courses, students are encouraged to create works of art that engage in meaningful and differentiated learning experiences.  Students learn a wide range of media such as pencil, pen &ink, pastels, acrylic, tempera, watercolor, oil, printmaking, clay, wire and sculpture.  They are also exposed to varied art forms, and the opportunity to build technical and technological skills.  The students can also be immersed in a visual art program, so as to appreciate the connection between visual art and other educational, historical, personal, and social contexts.  


    •  It is the department’s goal to develop students as creative and critical thinkers
    • As creative and critical thinkers, we seek to prepare them for what lies ahead in their academic and vocational pursuits.
    • To foster an interest in and appreciation of various genres of music and art and their connection to historical and cultural development.
    • To instill a sense of confidence and independence in each performer and artist.
    • To foster the idea of lifelong learning and personal achievement