• WH English

     Wayne Hills High School English Department


    As we prepare students to move forward in both their educational and career pursuits, the Department of English at Wayne Hills recognizes the importance of a solid foundation in communications skills.  On a daily basis, we work to sharpen these skills by exposing our students to a variety of diverse literary and informational texts.  We offer daily opportunities for students to respond by reading, writing, discussing and debating what they read.  It is our goal to develop these literacy skills to create critical as well as creative thinkers who will be well prepared for what lies ahead in their academic and vocational pursuits.

    • To instill independent literacy and critical thinking skills.
    • To  foster an interest in and appreciation of various genres of literature and their connection to life and the human experience.
    • To provide students with rigorous reading and writing activities centering on complex literary and informational texts
    • To ensure students’ college and career readiness and success.


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