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    Wayne Hills High School Science Department
    The Science Department at Wayne Hills continues to offer a wide-ranging curriculum in life and physical science areas that focuses on the needs and the interests of our students.  Science educators infuse technology into the curriculum by inquiry based learning, student centered presentations, subject-specific web quests, internet research, and electronic data collecting during investigations. After biology and chemistry in the first two years, the department’s elective program continues to attract students along with a comprehensive and challenging College Board Audit Approved Advanced Placement program in biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science. Courses such as Anatomy and Physiology, Biology for Allied Health, Environmental Science, Astrobiology, BioGeology, and Forensics are popular courses that students elect in their third and fourth years. Students also have opportunities to participate in academic competition with teams for the New Jersey Science League, JETS Team, and the Merck Science Day.
    • To infuse a sense of wonder and understanding of the natural world in which we live
    • To develop skills that facilitate observation, analysis, creative thought, and inquiry
    • To expose students to new ideas and avenues to investigate their questions
    • To facilitate the implementation and guidelines established by the Next generation Science Standards


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