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    The Technology Education Department promotes and strengthens college and career readiness skills through the disciplines of Technology Education, Business Education, and Family and Consumer Science courses. Students learn to visualize, communicate and apply the concepts explored as they utilize manipulatives as simple as hand tools to those as complex as computers. From brainstorming and designing to fabrication and production, there are over 50 hands-on to high-tech courses from which to choose, all preparing them for success in their academic, vocational and avocational futures. The Applied Technologies Department at Hills offers something for everyone.     The Business Department focuses on educating students about today’s business environment and seeks to prepare future business leaders for the next step in their educational and vocational careers.  Critical, creative and theoretical curricula from a wide variety of corporate disciplines are designed to enhance our students’ business acumen and their ability to be successful in an ever-expanding global marketplace.  Students are assigned pragmatic coursework and projects, which feature innovative and future-oriented business practices and strategies.