District Administration

    Dr. Mark Toback Superintendent of Schools mtoback@wayneschools.com
    Toni Liskiewicz Assistant Superintendent of Schools tliskiewicz@wayneschools.com
    Michael J. Donow Interim Business Administrator mdonow@wayneschools.com
    Maureen Weir Director of Secondary Education mweir@wayneschools.com
    Donna Reichman Director of Elementary Education dreichman@wayneschools.com
    Claudia Olivo Human Resources Specialist colivo@wayneschools.com
    Mike Podhoretz Interim Director of Student Support Services mpodhoretz@wayneschools.com
    Joseph Borchard Director of Technology jborchard@wayneschools.com
    Darryl Fennell Executive Manager of Transportation dfennell@wayneschools.com
    John Maso Director of Building Services jmaso@wayneschools.com
    Robert Wache Executive Manager of Facilities, Safety & Security, and Capital Projects bwache@wayneschools.com
    Suzanne Koransky Supervisor of Health Services skoransky@wayneschools.com