Be Proud Program

  • The Be Proud Program is sponsored by the Wayne Board of Education to offer High School students an opportunity to join a voluntary drug and alcohol prevention program.

    It provides students a way, along with their peers, to take a collective stand against all substance abuse and receive support and validation in selecting a healthy lifestyle.  During their high school years, Be Proud members pledge to remain drug and alcohol-free and submit to random voluntary screening.  Participation in the program is kept confidential.

    Random testing takes place each week throughout the school year.  Each participating student's identification number is placed into a pool.  Students are randomly selected from all program participants using a computer-generated algorithm that identifies students by number.  A positive test result in the Wayne Board of Education's Voluntary Random Drug Testing Policy being activated.  Parents and students will be notified of any tests and their results.

    See the 
    Be Proud Brochure for more information.

    For further information, contact:

    Wayne Valley - Mr. Martinez

    Wayne Hills - Ms. Stofey