Anthony Wayne Middle School General Information

      Mission Statement

      • At Anthony Wayne Middle School, our community of staff, students, and parents will work together to create a safe, respectful, and supportive learning environment. We will recognize and respect the individual needs and differences of each student. We are committed to developing students with active and creative minds to achieve academic excellence.  

      Attendance Reporting

        • Student Attendance Reporting

          All absences from school need to be reported.  To report absences please follow the directions below.

          1. Call the school at 973-389-2120.
          2. At the prompt, Press (4).
          3. Please leave your child’s name, (including the spelling of his/her last name),grade, and reason for their absence

      Student Handbook

      If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.


      • What documents are required to complete registration for school?

      • What are the hours of the school day?

      • How early may my child arrive at school?

      • Is there a before or after school child care program?

      • What is my child's daily schedule?

      • How do I let the school know that my child will not be in school?

      • What is the attendance policy?

      • How many hours does my child need to be present in school to receive credit for the school day?

      • What do I do when I want to visit the school?

      • What are the drop off and pick-up procedures?

      • How are report cards distributed?

      • What do I do when my child needs to leave school early?

      • Are laptops, cell phones or cameras players permitted in school?

      • May I call school to directly talk to my child?

      • What is the procedure for the make-up of school work due to absences?