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    Find a faculty or staff member's contact Information

    Our online Faculty & Staff Directory lets you search for an employee’s contact information by name or location.  You can find the online Faculty/Staff directory under “Quick Links” at the top left of the page or the “Resources” section of the top navigation bar.

    • You can search by entering a first and/or last name, or a partial spelling of the name. 
    • You can also include a school or department in the search criteria. 
    • To display all employees in a school or department, leave the name boxes empty and choose a school or department from the drop-down box menu.
    • Search results can be sorted by clicking the Name or Title header at the top of the results column.



    Parent access to class websites

    Parents can log in to SchoolFusion using their child's Wayne School username and password. The username is the student’s ID number and the password is system generated.

    The Login button is located at the top right section of any webpage.



    View the events of more than one school on a single calendar

    This is very useful if you have children attending more than one school and you'd like to view their events on a single calendar..

    • First go to a school or district calendar and click on “+ Choose calendars to view” at the top left of the calendar’s name.
    • Then click the “+” sign and checkbox next to the school and /or district calendar you’d like to view.
    • Below the list of schools, click the “View Chosen Calendar(s)” button to display all events from the selected calendars.
    TIP:  You can also use this feature to move to a different school’s calendar without first going to its website.  Check the box next to the school’s calendar you’d like to view, and uncheck the box next to the calendar you no longer want to display.

    All the activities of the calendars you chose to view are displayed on one calendar.  When you hover your mouse over an event listing, a pop-up will tell you the calendar it belongs to and give more details about the event.

    Using the thumbnail calendar

    The thumbnail calendar appears in the left navigation panel of our websites. A dot under a calendar date signifies a single event on that date; two or more dots indicate multiple events.

    When you click on a date with a dot, a box will slide out to the right, displaying the event title and event time. Users can access the full calendar view by clicking on an event title.





    Quicklinks, at the top left of every webpage, provides easy access to popular, useful and timely information.

    Click on the Quicklinks tab and select a topic from the drop-down list. Topics vary by website (district and school level) and change over the course of the year.

    Easy access to the district or school's homepage

    Clicking on "Wayne Township Public Schools" or the name of the school in the header graphic of a website will take you back to that site's homepage.



    Clicking on the Wayne Township Public Schools logo on a school webpage (next to Quicklinks at the top left of the page) will take you back to the district website's homepage. 


    Links to our social media sites

    Click the icons on the left navigation panel above the “Home” tab to go to our Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram site and YouTube channel.