James Fallon Elementary School General Information

      Mission Statement

      • The mission of the James Fallon Elementary School is to provide an environment that nurtures a respect for self and others, promotes individual creativity, and instills a passion for academic excellence. Our students will develop the courage and confidence to become intellectually vibrant people and independent thinkers who will never lose their love of learning. Fostering in students strength of character, we will encourage a commitment to values and prepare our students with an understanding of their significant role in the community and world. Students will recognize their responsibility to become the thinking, caring positive leaders of tomorrow. An enriched partnership among students, staff, families, and the community will be cultivated to support students with attaining these goals. The students of James Fallon School will be given the tools throughout their elementary school education to "Exceed Expectations and Soar to New Heights."

      Code of Conduct

      • Code of Conduct

      Highly Qualified Teacher Status

      • The federal law, called No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requires teachers to be “highly qualified” in the subjects they teach.  As parents you have the right to inquire about the qualifications and the “HQT” status of your child’s teacher.  At James Fallon Elementary School every classroom has a “Highly Qualified Teacher” who is dedicated to the success of each child.  I encourage you to continue to support your child’s education and communicate with his or her teacher on a regular basis.  By partnering with your child’s teacher, together we can provide your child with the best education possible.

        Ethan Maayan, Principal

      School Song

      • Listen to the school song

        "We are the Falcons"

        We are the Falcons
        The Fallon Falcons
        We are the Falcons
        From Wayne New Jersey
        We’ve come together
        From many different ways

        Exceeding expectations
        We’re soaring to new heights
        As we get an education
        We’re making choices that are right

        We are the Falcons
        The Fallon Falcons
        We’ve come together
        From Wayne New Jersey
        Making a difference
        For now and evermore
        We are the Falcons
        The mighty Falcons
        We are the Falcons, watch us soar!


        Performed by the James Fallon 5th Grade Class

        Under the direction of Rich Santoro

        Music and Lyrics written by Michael Treni

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