Technology Education

  • The WTLC  Wayne Township Learning Center Professional Development for Education

    Wayne Public Schools Educational Technology Department is committed to providing its students a 21st Century classroom environment where student creativity and engagement can foster.

Technology Information

Technology Resources

  • Technology Documentation - Employee Information Technology Handbook, Attendance Coding Sheet, Help with District Programs and more


  • Joe Borchard, Ed.D
    Director of Technology
    Debbie Giambatista
    Administrative Assistant

    Tim Bujari

    Computer Technician

    Jorge Calle-Sarango

    Computer Technician

    Suzanne Fioravanti

    Network Systems Admin

    Gabrieyl Gonzalez

    Computer Technician

    Bryan LaPlaca

    Computer Technician

    Eric Lindorff

    Client Systems Specialist

    Tracy Leigh

    Teacher/Coord. Ed Technology

    Kathryn Licwinko

    Teacher/Coord. Ed Technology

    Theresa McGrath

    Student Data Specialist

    Jennifer Nemetz

    Manager of Data Accountability and Communications

    Nick Polise

    IS Engineer

    Bill Schmid

    Computer Technician

    Scott Sellitto

    Computer Technician

    Jyh-Woei Shiue

    Data Systems Programmer