Technology Education

  • The WTLC  Wayne Township Learning Center Professional Development for Education

    Wayne Public Schools Educational Technology Department is committed to providing its students a 21st Century classroom environment where student creativity and engagement can foster.

Technology Information

Technology Resources

  • Technology Documentation - Employee Information Technology Handbook, Attendance Coding Sheet, Help with District Programs and more


  • Joe Borchard, Ed.D
    Director of Technology
    Debbie Giambatista
    Administrative Assistant

    Tim Bujari

    Computer Technician

    Susan Daniw

    Computer Technician

    Nicholas Derissio

    Computer Technician

    Suzanne Fioravanti

    Network Systems Admin

    Eric Lindorff

    Client Systems Specialist

    Tracy Leigh

    Teacher/Coord. Ed Technology

    Kathryn Licwinko

    Teacher/Coord. Ed Technology

    Theresa McGrath

    Student Data Specialist

    Jennifer Nemetz

    Coordinator of Data Accountability and Reporting

    Nick Polise

    IS Engineer

    Bill Schmid

    Computer Technician

    Scott Sellitto

    Computer Technician

    Jyh-Woei Shiue

    Data Systems Programmer