Curriculum and Instruction

  • Dawn Auerbach 
    Dawn Auerbach
    Director of Elementary Education
    The Department of Elementary Education is inclusive of the nine Wayne Township Elementary Schools who work collaboratively with the Director to ensure that our elementary schools offer our children a vibrant and exciting place where they can grow and develop to reach their individual potential. Our teachers challenge students to think, discover, explore and create as each child realizes his/her talents and abilities.

  • Matt Mignanelli 
    Matt Mignanelli
    Director of Secondary Education
    The Office of Secondary Education is responsible for the oversight and evaluation of all facets of administration, instruction, assessment, budgets, and programming for the three middle schools and two high schools.
    These schools compromise more than 60% of the 8,000 students and more than 800 staff members in the Wayne Township Public Schools.
    Please contact respective building principals for questions that pertain to an individual child. You may also contact the Director of Secondary Education should you have any further questions about our Secondary Education Programs.

      High School Curriculum