• Art Club

    Instructor: Evan Zubiaurre

    In a relaxed, supervised atmosphere, students can listen to music and socialize while creating in Art Club. It gives students an opportunity to express themselves in a safe and fostering environment. This club is open to any and all students. I especially love having the band and choir students who don’t get the opportunity to be in art class because of conflicting schedules. Students don’t need to be fantastic at art, they just need to love and enjoy making art!


    Art club will do many different fun activities, both inside the art classroom and for the school community. In the past we have been asked to do visual art for the school including: Posters for school wide events, helping with the All School Production backdrops and creating signs for the media center. We also try to create art for people outside of the school as well. We have created cards for holidays to give to nursing homes in the Wayne areas. Doing this allows the school and community to see what talent our student artists have here at Schuyler Colfax. It also shows our art club students that art making is important in all aspects of life and can really bring joy to someone receiving a handmade gift.  We are also going to be creating a plastic bottle cap mural that is about SCMS.


    Art Club sparks students' creativity by exploring two and three dimensional art in various mediums. Students are exposed to the nuances of each medium and have the opportunity to create and share their own creative designs. In the past, I have had students tell me certain themes or media that they may want to experiment in. The possibilities are endless and student driven.