Mural Club Description

  • Mural Club was formed in order to allow students the opportunity to beautify our school. Students will learn the process of mural-making, the origins of murals, as well as some of the history of murals. Once they understand the process, students will design ideas that will be voted on for production. They will collaborate on painting techniques in order to complete a variety of murals throughout the building. The best part is that students who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to take art will be allowed the chance.


    • A maximum of 20 students will be allowed in Mural Club
    • Most Mural Club sessions take place every other Monday with the exception of 2 sessions and our end-of-year party
    • Students must participate and work collaboratively


    Club Dates:


    October- 15th, 29th

    November- 12th, 26th

    December- 10th

    January- 7th, (TUESDAY) 22nd

    February- 4th, (TUESDAY) 19th

    March- 4th, 18th

    April- 1st, 22nd

    May- 6th, 20th

    TBD- Mural and Art Club Party

    Please see Mrs. Kissel if you cannot make any dates PRIOR to the day of an Mural Club meeting. If you miss 3 Mural Club dates without informing Mrs. Kissel, you will be asked to give up your spot so another student on the waitlist can join in your place.

    *Changes may occur due to weather; I will let you know in advance as soon as possible.