Back to School Forms & Student Schedules Directions (Annual Registration)

  • For the 2019-2020 school year, Wayne Township Public Schools will utilize OnCourse Connect to manage our Back to School Form process. This means parents will no longer have to complete the many forms sent home. 

    All District Policy form acknowledgements will NOW BE COMPLETED ONLINE and Student/Parent/Guardian/Emergency Contact information can be CHANGED ONLINE in a two step process. 

    Note that all Student/Parent/Guardian/Emergency Contact changes will not appear immediately. Please check back on 9/27 for updates.

    Please read through all the important information below.

    Student schedule information will be available at 3pm on August 27, 2019.
    You will not have access to your child's 2019-2020 teacher information/schedule until the online Back to School Form process has been completed. 

    Beginning Thursday, August 1, 2019, please log into OnCourse to complete the update of Student/Parent/Guardian/Emergency Contact information and acknowledge your Back to School Forms. **This process be completed from a computer. This will not work on mobile devices or tablets.**

    Information that will be required to complete this two step process:

    • Doctor information (address and phone number)
    • Medical Insurance information
    • Health Alerts
    • Acknowledgement of annual required District forms 
      (see Back to School Forms on left hand side) 
      • District Student Policy Information
      • G-Suite Consent Form
      • Parental Consent to Survey and PPRA Notice
      • Photo Name Release Agreement
    • Updated Parent/Guardian/Emergency Contact Information
      Note: If your phone number is on the Do Not Call List or you have blocked Wayne Township from your emails, you will not receive communications from the District. (Click here for more information).

    >>If your child is new to the Wayne School District and was registered AFTER 7/15/19, only complete step 2.

  • Step 1: Back to School Form Online Process for 2019-2020

    1. Please log into your Parent/Guardian OnCourse Connect Account at
      You must use your Parent/Guardian account. 

      back to school forms

    2. If you have forgotten your password or username, or do not know either one, please click Forgot Password (see image below). You may also go to Family Links > OnCourse Connect for further instructions. Do not call your school building. Do not email OnCourse. Go to Family Links > OnCourse Connect for further instructions for login help. 
      Forgot Password

    3. After log in, you will view a message that instructs you to review/change/confirm information for all students on your account.

    4. You will be asked to select the School Year and Grade for your Student, and enter current Doctor, Medical Insurance, and Health Alert information.

    5. Parent/Guardians will also need to acknowledge District Policies to complete this process.

    6. Once the verification process has been completed for all students on the account, both Parent/Guardian account(s) and student(s) account will have access to the next school year information (teacher, schedule, etc.) beginning August 27th at 3pm.
      *If you have more than one child, after you complete the first child, you will be directed to the next child until all children on your account have been re-verified.


    Please note:

    • Student accounts may not be used for this process.
    • Only one Primary Parent/Guardian that is connected to the student needs to re-verify the information for the new school year.
    • You will not have access to your child's class schedule or teacher assignments on August 27th at 3pm unless this process has been completed.

  • Step 2: Update Student/Parent/Guardian/Emergency Contact Information (PHONE & EMAILS!)

    These changes MUST go through the school office:
    *All Student and Primary Guardian Address Changes
    *Changes in Parent/Guardian Access
    *Dismissal Information

    Note: If your phone number is on the Do Not Call List or you have blocked Wayne Township from your emails, you will not receive communications from the District.

    To change information for your student, Primary Guardians or Emergency Contacts, please log into OnCourse Connect and select the View/Edit Student and Guardian Info link. Make changes as needed. Changes can also be made anytime throughout the school year.

    Scroll all the way down and you will see a button to Add Guardian InformationAdd New Guardian Contact This is also where you would add Emergency Contact Information.


    1) Primary Guardian or Emergency Contact changes will NOT APPEAR IMMEDIATELY. Please check back to confirm changes have been updated. 

    2) Each contact must have their own individual email address. 

    3) Once you have submitted your Student/Parent/Guardian/Emergency Contact Information, if you can log back into OnCourse and see your child's Dashboard (below), your process is complete and your child will be able to access their schedule. **Updates to your contact information may still be In Process, but the schedule will be available.**

    test student