Project SOAR
    Secondary Options for Academic Recovery

    Project SOAR is an after school program designed to provide an alternate instructional setting for general and special education high school students who currently are on home instruction or experiencing academic failure thereby presenting a drop out risk and/or alternate placement needed due to school avoidance, anxiety, depression or other emotional/social concerns that prohibit these students from attending a traditional high school setting. 

    About Project SOAR

    To qualify for Project SOAR, a student must be recommended by school personnel or by a parent. The referral form must be submitted by a School Counselor/CST member to the SOAR intake committee for consideration.

    Once a student is enrolled into Project SOAR, the SOAR staff will enroll the student in the appropriate online instruction through Educere. SOAR staff will monitor attendance, participation, and the provision of support services. Through the Educere online program, students work at their own pace and are provided with a pace chart of assignments to be completed for each course.  Online teachers grade the assignments and provide feedback to the students.  Grades, progress, and the time spent on each activity can be viewed by students, parents, and SOAR staff.
    **Transportation is available through arrangement

    Program Options Through Educere: 

    A student may not need the full complement of services and can be accepted into the program for one aspect only. Students may be selected for participation in this program due to the following needs:

    • Credit Recovery - recover credit for a failing course/ courses
    • Academic Support – individualized academic assistance offered by fully certified teachers
    • Full Academic Credit – full year course credit for non-traditional students
    • Elective Course Options – half year course credit
    • *Counseling - daily opportunities for group/individualized counseling


SOAR Brochure 2018

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