Who we are

  • The Math Club offers students opportunities to explore their mathematical pursuits outside of the classroom. Students work independently and collaboratively to solve a variety of challenging questions that cross multiple mathematical disciplines. Many students are members of our Math Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, as well.

    Students compete in a variety of competitions amongst high school students in their school, county, state, country, and world. Wayne Hills has competed strongly in the New Jersey Math League Competition and has been the elite team in Passaic County, winning multiple consecutive County Championships. Students have competed in the AMC 10 and AMC 12 Competitions, showcasing their individual test taking abilities.

    Students have found much joy competing in the Arete Math Madness Events, where teams are matched up all over the country in online contests (individual & collaborative) in a tournament bracket format. Students have competed in the 14 hour Mega Moody’s Modeling Competition as a team, to solve real- life issues mathematically and present their results using relevant data/research in a written paper submission.


Want to join the math club?

  • If interested, please join our Google Classroom Page with the code from above. Students currently in Mu Alpha Theta should already be a part of the Classroom (please join if not already in). Complete the Google Form on the Classroom Page indicating which of the following competitions (below) you would like to take part in by September 19th, 2022. Information will be provided in the Google Classroom to stay updated.

Math Competitions (others may be added)

      New Jersey Math League

      • New Jersey Math League

        • Multiple Time County Champions
        • 6 Individual Monthly Contests, 6 questions, 30 min


        NJML CONTEST DATES for 2022-23

        • HS Contest 1 - October 18, 2022
        • HS Contest 2 - November 15, 2022
        • HS Contest 3 - December 13, 2022
        • HS Contest 4 - January 10, 2023
        • HS Contest 5 - February 14, 2023
        • HS Contest 6 - March 14, 2023



      • Arete

        Weekly Competition Online vs Teams Across Country

        Collaborative and Individual

        Tournament Bracket


      Moody’s Mega Math Challenge

      • Moody’s Mega Math Challenge

        14 hour team competition for math modeling

        Written Paper



      AMC 10 & AMC 12

      • AMC 10 & AMC 12

        1 Qualifier for AIME in 2021

        ***Some competitions may be done virtually


      Math Club Fair Presentation

      Mu Alpha Theta - Math Honor Society

      • Mu Alpha Theta

      • What is Mu Alpha Theta?

      • Who is eligible?

      • Interested in joining?