WV Student Council

Student Council

  • The Executive Student Council oversees student government activities within the building.  The Council consists of an executive president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer and a student liaison to the Board of Education. The student liaison attends meetings and provides a written report once a month to the Board of Education.  Upon the request of the elected council and the advisors, they may vote to appoint additional representatives at large as referenced in the Wayne Valley Student Council Constitution.

    The Executive Council meets every week after school convenes  and at least once a month with all class officers.  The business of the meetings and the duties of the officers include
    enacting student governmental procedures, expressing the voice of the student body and planning schoolwide functions and events, such as Spirit Week and Pep Rallies.  

    Elections to the Executive Student Council take place each May for the following school year.  


Student Council Contact

Election Form

  • Please obtain election packets from outside of room 239 

    Follow all rules and regulations of the procedures and complete all requirements to be considered for candidacy.

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