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    This summer I read a fantastic book entitled, Why Schools? by Will Richardson.  In a time when information is everywhere and access is 24/7, how will schools respond to this new educational reality?  He states, 

    ...learning ceases to focus on consuming information or knowledge that’s no longer scarce. Instead, it’s about asking questions, working with others to find the answers, doing real work for real audiences, and adding to, not simply taking from, the storehouse of knowledge that the Web is becoming. It’s about developing the kinds of habits and dispositions that deep, lifelong learners need to succeed in a world rife with information and connections. The emphasis shifts from content mastery to learning mastery. That means students have more ownership over their own learning, using their access to knowledge and teachers to create their own unique paths to the outcomes we, and they, deem important.  (pg. 33)

    This year at Pines Lake we will continue to explore this shift as we prepare our students for success in the 21st Century.  We look forward to deepening their understanding, inspiring their creativity and refining their critical thinking and problem solving skills.  This will be an exciting school year for all our children, staff and community.  We look forward to sharing our progress as they year continues.