• Learning Links

    Theunis Dey students surf the internet safely!

    Use these kid-friendly search engines at home and in school.

    To use these search engines, students need two things: an adult to monitor their Internet use and assist when needed and a dictionary to check the spelling of search words they enter.


    KAOL - KidsAOL

    KOL Homework Help Jr. is a directory of educator-reviewed Web sites for children in kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade. Here K-2 students can safely browse the Web for age-appropriate learning activities, research materials, educational games and multimedia resources that have been designed for their reading and interest levels.



    Ask for Kids

    Ask for Kids (formerly known as Ask Jeeves for Kids) is a fast, easy and kid-friendly way for kids to search online. Designed to be a fun destination site focused on learning and "edu-tainment," Ask for Kids uses natural-language technology that allows kids to ask questions and perform web searches.




    Dibdabdoo.com searches around 2 million kid/teen safe sites and the database is growing daily. The engine used on Dibdabdoo.com does NOT crawl the Internet and add any site it comes across instead it uses fast meta technology that crawls sites and databases that have been reviewed by human's and classified as kid/teen safe.




    KidsClick! was created by a group of librarians at the Ramapo Catskill Library System, as alogical step in addressing concerns about the role of public libraries in guiding their young users to valuable and age appropriate web sites.



    TekMom's Search Tools for Students

    This web page provides research options for students who need to do Web searches, but who might not want to use the popular search engines which return links from the entire Web.



    YAHOO! Kids

    Yahoo! Kids is a browsable, searchable directory of Internet sites for kids. Each site has been carefully checked by an experienced educator to ensure the content and links are appropriate for kids aged 7-12.



    Homework Helpers

    Here are some terrific links to help you with your homework. They can also help you practice the skills you learn in your classroom. You may even have some FUN while you practice and learn!



    Scholastic.com is an award-winning portal for families and kids. Featuring rich content, community and live events, productivity and communication tools, Scholastic.com supports the way today's students learn and provides a unique link between the home and the classroom to enable parents to supplement their child's education at home.



    Fact Monster from Information Please

    Students can begin their research process here! The Atlas, Almanac, Dictionary, and Encyclopedia pages are very useful. This site is easy to navigate and updated often.



    Homework Spot

    HomeworkSpot.com is a free homework information portal that features the very best K-12 homework-related sites together with engaging editorial in one high-utility, educational spot.



    Math.com: The world of Math Online

    This is the place for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to get help with their Home Links! Just click on the Everyday Math page.



    KidSpace @ The Internet Public Library

    You can have a library in your own home! At the IPL, students will find lots of information and fun stuff to do. You can even ask a question and receive a response in three days time.