• To locate the resident school for your child, before completing your registration forms, please click the InfoFinder to find your school or email   

    Any student already enrolled and are currently active in the Wayne Township Public School System, will automatically enroll into the next school year. 

    Preschool Tuition Students must visit the Preschool Page, and get authorization from the Preschool Registrar, prior to continuing with the registration process.

    Starting the Registration Process 

    IMPORTANT - please choose the correct school year depending on the date your child will start school

    Children must be 5 years old on or before October 15th for the school year registering. (Complete Age Requirements)

    Complete InfoSnap E-Registration: 

    1. Create or log on to your account with InfoSnap Registration for Wayne Township.
    2. Fill out the electronic registration form
    3. Schedule your in-person appointment with your child's school directly or with the Preschool Registrar for Preschool registrations.  
            Once your form is complete, click the link, Schedule Your In-Person Appointment, or contact the school directly to schedule an appointment. 

    For your in-person registration appointment, bring the following documents:  
                For full details of what documentation is acceptable for each item, please see our Registration Documentation:

                  a) Your Identification
                  b) Proof of Residency - 3 documents needed (see list of acceptable documents)
                  c) Child's Identification
                  d) Child's Immunization Records / Health History
                  e) Language Survey 

    Again, please choose your InfoSnap form carefully.  An incorrect school year will need to be discarded, and you will need to re-register for the correct year.   

    Click Current 2018-2019 School Year to begin
    (for registration beginning July 2018 to June 2019)

    Additional Student Programs/Information you may also want to review:

    Questions may be directed to