Driver's Education


    car Here it comes!  The time that creates teenager's dreams and parent's nightmares! Ensuring your child has the proper training to get behind the wheel of a car is critical to both the teen and their parents.

    The State of New Jersey allows a person 16 years of age to drive while enrolled in a behind the wheel program with an approved driving school. Our Behind the Wheel Driver's Education program is administered by the Wayne Youth Programs for Wayne Township resident high school students, and is designed to meet the needs of the 16 year old wishing to drive under current legislation.

    This program includes permit processing, 6 hours of behind the wheel training with convenient pick up and drop off, progress report, and insurance certificate. Additional services are discretionary. The insurance certificate will be mailed to your home upon completion of the program and should be held for safekeeping along with proof of 30-hour classroom course for insurance discount eligibility.

    The paperwork for this program includes a State of NJ Division of Motor Vehicles Student Learner's Permit Application card.
    To obtain further information and/or a Behind the Wheel Driver's Education registration package, please call us at 973-968-7427, or email a request to