Wayne Valley High School Administration and School Offices

      Wayne Valley Principal


        Dear Wayne Valley School Community,

        Wayne Valley has firmly established a robust history of academic and co-curricular excellence.  Students are challenged daily to become independent thinkers and discerning learners.  At the heart of this positive learning environment are the following core beliefs:  1) that education should foster respect for self and others.  2) open communication between students, parents, and staff is essential for student success.  3) all students are capable of learning and can achieve success.  This environment, supported by a dedicated community, provides our students with an excellent academic program which is complemented by extensive co-curricular opportunities.  Therefore, students are encouraged to take equal advantage of both of these educational components to reach their goals and each student is provided an educational program to both challenge and reward the responsible learner.

        Our senior class has achieved the distinction of possessing (2) National Merit Semi-Finalists, (8) National Merit Commended students, (8) National AP Scholars, (23) AP Scholars, (28) AP Scholars with Honor, and (42) AP Scholars with Distinction.

        Our faculty continues to prepare our students for the future by incorporating the use of online assessments across the curricula with NJSLA-like questions on assessments in all content areas. The Wayne Township Learning Center (WTLC) continues to support our staff by providing varied professional development opportunities, such as digital assessments and Google Applications for Education workshops. To advance our students’ skills in the area of college and career readiness, we have developed partnerships with several colleges and universities to offer dual-enrollment courses in the areas of English, Science, Mathematics, Business, and Music. Furthermore, we have established work based learning experiences in multiple areas for both special education and general education students. Our science teachers have embraced the Next Generation Science Standards by infusing NGSS practices into current curricula.  These practices include a more student centered, skill based approach that require math and literacy skills.  Their implementation has been bolstered by the several newly renovated labs providing our students a college-like experience.  Of additional interest is our NATEF auto certification program which accommodates an important segment of our non-college bound student body. Many of our Art, Music and English students participate in state and/or national competitions and were publicly recognized for their accomplishments. In fact, we have had several of our Art students' work nationally recognized and placed on display in Washington D.C.

        Ninety percent of our students are involved in co-curricular activities encompassing a variety of areas, such as the National Honor Society, Fine and Performing Arts, Culinary Competitions, Math and Science Leagues, Marching Band, and Auto Club. Wayne Valley sponsors (36) athletic programs across three levels of competition. The number of team championships and county/state recognized athletes testify to our school’s athletic excellence. Our students involved in community service, such as hospitals, food kitchens, and in assisted-living developments, are continued sources of equal pride. The accomplishments of our students fueled by the talents and dedication of our faculty make Wayne Valley an impressive place with a distinct sense of community.

        Mr. Kenneth J. Palczewski

      Assistant Principals

      • Mrs. Jenn Grimbilas - Grade 9 Assistant Principal

      • Dr. Kimberly Moreno - Grade 10 Assistant Principal

      • Mr. George Martinez - Grade 11 Assistant Principal

      • Mrs. Jaye Schaffer - Grade 12 Assistant Principal

      • Mr. David Drozjock - Athletic Director and Assistant Principal

      School Offices

      Student Resource Officer

      • Detective Raymond Caronia Jr
        Wayne Police Department
        (973) 317-2207

        The SRO Program began in the late 1950's in Flint, Michigan. Officers set a goal to improve their relationship with the youth in their community. Officers were assigned to the school district full time to serve as counselors and teachers. The first task of the police officers was to determine their acceptance in the schools based on the students' attitudes toward law enforcement. The first year of this program was deemed a great success and was well received by School Board officials, principals, teachers, parents and most importantly the students themselves. The Flint Michigan School Resource Officer Program was nationally recognized in 1973, and has since become the model program across North America.

        Goals of the Wayne Township SRO Program

        • Improve police and youth relations.
        • Increase positive attitudes towards law enforcement
        • Provide for a safe and secure learning environment.
        • Reduce juvenile crime through counseling.

        The SRO will assume three primary functions or roles in the school community:

        1. As an Instructor - The SRO will provide a variety of educational opportunities to the school community through law related presentations for students, faculty, and parents.
        2. As A Resource Provider - The SRO can provide informal counseling to students and parents. This counseling can range from mediation of student problems to guiding students and parents to the appropriate agency.
        3. As A Police Officer - The SRO will be a positive law enforcement presence in the school community and act as a role model for students. Uniformed Officers also present a deterrent to violence, drug use, vandalism, and theft. Their presence will provide an immediate increase in safety and security for both students and staff.

          If you have any questions about the program, please stop by and visit your School Resource Officer at Wayne Valley. His office is located inside the Athletic Office at the rear of the school.