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AW 2018-2019 Clubs

Wayne Alliance Yoga Club with Mrs. McCurdy introduces students to basic yoga poses and breathing practices in an effort to promote overall wellness. Yoga, which is a form of mind–body practice, draws its roots to India and it has been proven to reduce perceived stress, anxiety, improve physical and mental health. The Wayne Alliance, as part of its mission to educate about the dangers of substance abuse, is sponsoring this program in an effort to introduce students to healthy alternatives to managing stress, anxiety, and peer pressure.  Yoga club beginning on Thursday, October 18th. (click the club name to access the permission slip)


Newspaper Club with Mr. McMahon where students write articles for our weekly on-line newspaper The AW Gazette.  Do you like to write reviews for movies you have seen or books you have read?  Maybe you are crazy for sports and want to write a sports column?  Check it out and join if this sounds like fun to you! Newspaper club meets on Thursdays beginning September 18th. (click the club name to access the permission slip)


Yearbook & Photography Club with Mrs. Wilson will allow you to be part of the production of this year’s Anthony Wayne 2018-2019 yearbook!  Everyone loves to look back at their yearbook throughout the years. Why not help to make this year’s Yearbook the best ever?  The first meeting will be on Thursday, September 27th. (click the club name to access the permission slip)

Intramural Sports with Ms. Kennedy will allow you to stay after school and participate in various team sports, both indoors and outdoors.  This club is for everyone who loves team sports and wants to have fun while competing against their friends and classmates.  Intramural Sports meets Wednesdays beginning October 3rd. (click the club name to access the permission slip)


Music Masters with Ms. Russoniello will inspire you to sing your heart out.  This ensemble performs at both the Holiday and Spring Choral Concerts!  Music Masters meets on Thursdays, beginning September 27th. (click the club name to access the permission slip)‚Äč 


Robotics Club with Mr. Heinbockel will enable students to explore the capabilities of robotic machines and their impact on society through the use of design kits.  Robotics club will meet Wednesdays beginning October 10th. (click the club name to access the permission slip)


Film Club with Mrs. Kane where students will write, direct, and film their own movies.  Students who join this club may even be able to present their movie at a film festival hosted here at AW!  Are you the next Steven Spielberg?  If so, join! Film club meets Tuesdays beginning October 9th (click the club name to access the permission slip).  Be sure to complete the Film Club online application by October 2nd (use this link to complete form)