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Students Perform Holiday Favorites at Board of Education Meeting

One of the Wayne Board of Education meeting schedule highlights is the second meeting in December, where instrumental and choral music students perform their favorite holiday tunes for the community.  The pandemic has negatively influenced many events and activities. Still, this special performance went ahead in modified form thanks to our elementary school administrators and music teachers' creativity and teamwork to make sure this important student performance opportunity was not lost.

The elementary instrumental music teachers selected several students to perform selections of holiday music. The students worked quickly to record themselves playing in their homes and submitted the video clips to their music teachers. All nine elementary schools were represented in what proved to be a delightful holiday concert. Special thanks to Ethan Maayan, Principal of James Fallon Elementary School and Supervisor of Elementary Instrumental Music teachers, Michele Hughes, Christina Batiz, Pat Merlucci, and Hannah Svendsen. Thanks to Tracy Leigh, Teacher/Coordinator of Ed. Tech, for editing the videos.  Click here to view the video.
Happy holidays!!