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Kids Heart Challenge

The Kids Heart Challenge is a national education and fundraising event sponsored by the American Heart Association. The event engages elementary and middle school students by educating them on heart-healthy lifestyles as well as raising funds for lifesaving research! 


Last year, A.P. Terhune students and families raised almost $7000 for the American Heart Association. This year, APT students and families are invited to participate in our Kids Heart Challenge event to raise funds for lifesaving research and learn about heart-healthy habits! Go to, search for "Albert P Terhune," and register to learn more about the AHA and our Heart Heroes team!  


Here’s some information about donating:

Online fundraising can be done between now and our event week, however ALL donations are due ON either February 11th or  February 12th! Students will earn members of the Heart Heroes team as they reach different goals with their fundraising, too!

*IMPORTANT: Whether you fund raise online, or via cash/check, a completed Jump Rope For Heart envelope should be returned on either February 11th or February 12th.

It is strongly preferred that all donations be done via online. However, if you choose to donate via cash or check, please read the following information:

  • All checks should be made out to the American Heart Association.

  • Please do not send in any envelopes or cash/checks prior to February 11th!


The week of February 11th is our Jump Rope For Heart week. Lots of fun activities will be taking place during PE that week, so please make sure you wear sneakers on the days you have PE!


All students will participate in the week's activities even if they choose not to participate in fundraising.


The intention of this fundraiser is to raise awareness for heart health. Yes, the prizes and Heart Heroes are exciting rewards for fundraising, but the real prize is learning about ways to stay healthy AND providing others the help they might need to live a long and healthy life!


If you have any questions click here or please contact Ms. Zygmunt (!


Thank you so much for all of your support for an incredible cause!